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An innovative platform to view all Seatback
activity and recommendations

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Personalized Analyses

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Aggregates all data from sensors and integrated smart watches, and uses AI and Machine Learning
to create personalized wellness analyses

Stay Connected

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Individual users can access Seatback+ through a
Web or mobile application; business leaders can
track employees’ progress through a Web/Desktop application

Wellness On Demand

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Gives individual users access to Wellness On
Demand (WOD), a one-stop shop for personalized
feedback and insights; on-demand health classes
and live personal training sessions tailored to
physical activity needs; wellness content; and
additional health resources


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Facilitates corporate wellness programs, in which
employees participate in challenges, earn incentives,
and stay engaged through motivators like streaks,
badges, and personal records

Smart Watch

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Seatback integrates with leading smart watch brands
to make health recommendations and help
employees monitor their health goals.

Tracks multiple data points related to
health goals, including heart rate, activity
level, sitting time, and break ratio
Provides real-time notifications and
reminders to help employees get active
throughout the day
Easy way for employees to view
and monitor progress
beyond Seatback+
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