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Our story

When Seatback Co-Founder Sigal Lustig started her physical therapy practice, she noticed a lot of her patients had similar musculoskeletal afflictions. They complained of neck pain, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Upon investigation, she learned that most of these patients had one thing in common – they were leading sedentary lifestyles. They weren’t using their bodies properly, and they were suffering because of it.

Sigal turned to her husband (and eventual Co-Founder) Or, a mechanical engineer. She asked him to design a chair that motivated people to increase their sitting quality. He developed a prototype and Seatback was born.
Soon, Sigal and Or expanded Seatback into a SaaS platform and assembled a team of engineers and health professionals to help them collect and interpret data.

Seatback’s Mission

Today, Seatback is a holistic wellness solution that encourages and motivates people to reach their health goals by tracking their sitting habits. Through the use of innovative proprietary sensors, a digital app, and integration with smart watches, Seatback promotes physical awareness, prevents health problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle, bad posture, and prolonged sitting , and helps users lead more dynamic lives.

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